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Episode #11 – Nature stop! …literally! ๐Ÿ˜œ We are at the Singapore Zoo – The World’s Best Rainforest Zoo. Here are a few tips & facts about this beautiful place from our quick visit before the flight to Malaysia.

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Video production by Jax Karbeat.

It’s Sunday. Our flight to Langkawi is around 4PM.
We had some time in the morning, so we’ve decided to check out Singapore Zoo. It took us about half an hour to get from our hotel in Geylang to the zoo.

It was just passed 8:30am. There were not too many people around and no lineup at the cashier. Around the ticketing area there are a few food outlets, so if you come hungry there are places you can eat at. We decided not to waste much time, grabbed our tickets which were $33 per person and went in.

At the entrance we were given a map. That helps with the navigation around the zoo as it’s a big place to explore.

From the entrance, the trail splits into two: Rain-forest Walk to the right and Treetop Trail to the left. We decided to start with the treetop trail.

We’ve got a chance to see so many interesting animals: Malayan Tapirs, White Tiger, Pygmy Hippos, Alligator Gar, Long-neck Turtles, Capuchin monkey, Baboons, and many more

Even though it was 9 in the morning it started to get hot and humid. Thankfully at the zoo some of the shelters are even air conditioned. In this constant heat these are life saviors.

We made a quick stop at the “Elephants of Asia”. There are 2 shows daily, one at 11:30am and the other one at 3:30pm. It was too early so we didn’t get to see the show, but we did catch them running around and doing their elephant thing.

There are 3 other shows available:
“Animal Friends Show” with domestic animals, “The Rain-forest Fights Back Show” showcasing the wildlife of the rain-forest and
“Splash Safari Show” with California sea lion superstar, which we actually got to see.

“Splash Safari Show” is about 40 minutes and it’s a great way to take a break from walking around, just sit back and relax. If you’re not afraid to get wet, you’re more then welcome to take a seat a the front. I’ve decided to play it safe and keep my distance. It was very entertaining to watch. The show involves many funny moments and interaction with visitors.

Our next stop is Primate Kingdom. We spent at least half an hour here as it’s a big place a d presents many different species of primates. With the Zoo’s famous open concept, most species have their own island recreating their natural habitat.

Few interesting facts about the zoo:

1. Opened in 1973 with around 300 animals from 70 species
2. Now home to over 2,800 animals representing more than 300 species, 26% of which are endangered
3. Currently receives over 1.7 million visitors a year
4. #1 Zoo in Asia and #5 Zoo overall in the world
5. Impressive size of 26ha, which is the size of 23 football fields, however further plans to expand the Zoo by the year 2020.

A few other things you can check out at the Zoo are River Safari with the world’s largest fresh water pool, opened from 10am-7pm with $30 admittion fee, and the famous Night Safari, which is the first nocturnal zoo in the world. It was opened in 1994 and houses over 2,500 animals from over 130 species. It is opened every day from 7:30pm-12am and costs $45 per person. If you are planning to visit all the parks, Singapore Zoo offers a multi pack for only $69, which is a great deal.

If you will be planning your visit to the Zoo and wish to visit all the shows, we highly recommend to check out their official website for schedules. Plan your day accordingly to make your Zoo trip easier and more enjoyable. The Zoo created a suggested itinerary with morning and afternoon highlights and park visit tips. Make sure to check their show schedule as times are subject to change.

We wish we had more time at the Zoo and planned our day a bit better, so we wouldn’t miss one of the most popular attractions that Singapore Zoo is famous for – the animal feeding sessions.
Feeding sessions take place between 9am-5pm and food can be purchased at the Zoo. You will get a chance to feed many animals off your palm. To name a few – elephants, white rhinos, giraffes and baboons. Make sure you come early if you want a chance to feed animals as the Zoo limits their food supply to avoid overfeeding. This looks like a super fun activity to do for both adults and kids. Hope you won’t miss it.