SINGAPORE CHINA TOWN GALORE OF FOOD!!! – Cheapest Michelin and Our Take Away.

Chinatown Singapore along the way to People’s Park Food Center filled with so many kinds of food, one can easily be lost in it all. 🙂 Featuring here are some of the food you may be able to enjoy when you are there. What is unique for this part of Singapore, many of the cooks are from Mainland China, brought with them their unique cuisine, Mala Xiang Guo, spicy and numbing dishes which has now spread across this small island. However, you can find more of this kind of stalls gathered here.

How to get here: Take MRT to Chinatown then exit C to People’s Park Complex, just go up to the escalator and it will bring you right up to all the food feature here.

As for Hawker Chan, the Michelin Star Roast Pork, Soya Sauce chicken is located at Smith Street and the Cendol dessert is nearby to it, just turn to your left once you exit Hawker Chan (Michelin Star) and left again to the back lane and the dessert shop is located on your right at the end of the lane. Hope this video helps you find all you wanted to eat when visiting Chinatown Singapore. Welcome and Enjoy!

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