The Food Cycler – Indoor Composter – No Food Waste

The Food Cycler – Indoor Composter – No Food Waste

Introducing the first on-site indoor composter by Food Cycle Science.

Tired of your Green Bin?

Suitable for condominiums and apartments. Converts food waste into a viable soil amendment in as little as 3 hours. No venting draining or additives required!

The Food Cycler will process any type of organic waste including bones, pits, shells meats, dairy and produce.

Our on-site food waste solution is dishwasher safe and energy efficient with operating costs of under $5.00 per month.

Food Cycle Science provides organic food waste recycling for the food service industry. Our food waste solutions have the potential to eliminate much of the more than 70 million tons of food waste directed to our landfills each year.

These zero-waste solutions meet governmental diversion goals and provide our customers with cost-efficient methods for onsite organic waste reduction and conversion.